PreOS Security are offer a variety of firmware security consulting services for various markets.


  • On-site training (see below)
  • Firmware level incident forensics
  • Firmware test tool automation, scaling and customization
  • Firmware security indicdent response and planning
  • Hardware purchasing and lifecycle guidance - including firmware security integration
  • Design of firmware security policies and procedures
  • Integration of firmware security with existing infosec policies and procedures


PreOS Security offers firmware security training during and colocated with various conferences.

We also offer on-site training at your business.

Our configurable training modules include:

  • How to use live / online analysis tools like CHIPSEC, FWTS and others.
  • How to use offline analysis tools like CHIPSEC, UEFITools and others.
  • Defending UEFI/ACPI systems
  • Auditing UEFI sources
  • Use & implementation of our PreOS Security Software


  • Fix vendor-centric false positives in existing LUV tests.
  • Create new standalone or integrated firmware security tests.
  • Long term maintenance of firmware security tests.
  • CHIPSEC modules
  • FWTS test modules
  • MsUEFI-Test-based unit tests
  • LUV customizations
  • Test porting to new architectures - eg: x86-clone, ARM
  • Custom Tianocore builds, vendor trees with UEFI Forum trunk and multiple staging branches
  • Assistance with continuous integration (CI)
  • Source-level and run-time security analysis of custom Tiancore trees
  • custom UEFI applications in C or Python
  • custom UEFI SmartCard drivers
  • custom UEFI User Identity (UID) drivers