Paul English

Paul English is CEO of PreOS Security Inc. Paul has Bachelors in Computer Science from Worcester Polytechnic Institute obtained in 1998. And Paul has been a UNIX & Linux system administrator and wearer of many other IT hats since 1996. More recently he has managed a few people while still racking the occasional server. Paul is a Board member for the League of Professional Systems Administrators, a non-profit professional association for the advancement of the practice of system administration.

Lee Fisher

Lee is CTO of PreOS Security Inc. He started his IT career as a sysadmin, on VAX/VMS and AT&T Unix systems, working nights to pay for his way through college. Lee spent many years at Microsoft on multiple systems product teams, including releasing ‘Debugging Tools for Windows’ (the new Windbg), the ‘Windows NT HAL Kit’, and the ‘Windows NT IFS Kit’. Lee co-ran the Microsoft Porting Lab, where he helped most of the OEMs and IHVs with their driver port to Windows NT. Lee brought a variety of open source projects – such as NCSA Mosaic – to Microsoft campus to help them with the Windows ports of their code. Lee worked in multiple roles in the IT industry, but prefers to write security/system tools in C. Prior to starting PreOS, he was consulting with a few specialty kernel drivers for a few friend’s companies. Lee spoke at a few dozen conferences, including: Security BSides Portland’16, LinuxFest NorthWest, ToorCon Seattle, and Microsoft WinHEC. Lee’s personal blog can be found at:

Alex Floyd

Alex Floyd is a consultant for PreOS-Security. Throughout his career, he has worked on several devices, from a next generation video game console to an ARM based pay at the table device, wearing many different hats along his journey. He started his path towards firmware security in 2005 when he was introduced to Linux, after which he tried to put on every device possible. This passion and joining the DEF CON Security Goons led him to becoming the Cyber Security professional that he is today.