Co-Founder & Python Developer

PreOS Security is creating new firmware security tool for enterprise & forensics. Work in the exciting and growing infosec industry, at the early stage of firmware security.

As a Python Engineer you will be developing the core product, including work on tools, and you will have a chance to explore Python security including some green field work. You can also learn and work on firmware security to your interest.

You must be proficient and experienced in at least one Python web framework for server development, including some SQL.

Desired experience (3+ years):

  • General purpose Python developer
  • Front and back end Python based web development
  • ReSTful API design
  • JSON, OData, XML parsing
  • SQL, PostgreSQL
  • Data analysis
  • CI & Cloud deployment

Requirement: US citizenship

Please get in touch if you would like to get involved. At this time we can only offer equity compensation to candidates - approx 15-20%, open to using Slicing Pie method.

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