See You At UEFI Plugfest

March 25, 2018

What is a UEFI Plugfest? Organized by the UEFI Forum, plugfests are the biannual events at which stakeholders in the UEFI ecosystem can test the interoperability of their UEFI implementations. This includes everyone from manufacturers, independent BIOS vendors and PCIe card manufacturers to operating system vendors - including open source.

If you are attending the UEFI Plugfest in Bellevue this week, be sure to say “Hi.” PreOS Security are sponsoring the event, and we’d love to talk to you, no matter which part you play in the UEFI ecosystem. We’re also on the test schedule to test out our pre-alpha software.

Perhaps you’re wondering where we’ve been lately? We’ve been working our our still-upcoming e-book, developing our training modules, writing code, and occasionally having winter cold and/or flu. We’re a bit behind on everything, and haven’t forgotten that many of you are waiting on our e-book and newsletter!