SeaGL 2017

October 11, 2017

PreOS attended and spoke at SeaGL 2017 in Seattle October 6th & 7th. Paul presented a version of Lee’s talk at SOURCE Seattle (blog post upcoming) titled “Detecting BadBIOS, Evil Maids, Bootkits, and Other Firmware Malware”

Per the organizers’ suggestion, slides were uploaded to

This talk was slightly more aimed at individuals than people managing large fleets of machines, but can (and will!) be tuned even more for future events. Perhaps LinuxFest Northwest?

Meanwhile, we’re still working hard on our “Firmware Security For Sysadmins and Blue Teams” e-book, which should condense both talk and tutorial guidance for large fleets of machines into the most compact format we can manage. Firmware security is a deep topic!

You can still get a free copy of our e-book when it comes out by signing up for our Quarterly Firmware Newsletter (okay, technically you can just request a copy of the e-book if you like):