Release of fwaudit and awesome-firmware-security

April 20, 2018

PreOS Security is happy to announce the very first release of our GPL firmware security tool firmware audit, aka: fwaudit. You can download it from Github here:

We’re calling this a 0.0.1 release, as it has many known bugs and issues, and is missing quite a few features you might find useful. We’ll relay the CHIPSEC disclaimer that it is NOT FOR PRODUCTION USE. And in fact, it isn’t suitable for much use at all, yet. Still - check it out if you’re curious, or feeling helpful to us. Give us comments or a pull request!

We’ve also released a Github awesome list:

Awesome Firmware Security is a curated list compiled from years of Lee’s blogging over at and preparation for our many talks and presentations. We’ve already got some feedback from the community via Twitter and pull requests. Send us yours! This is a community resource for everyone to use and improve.